A modern way to hang two kitchen or bath hand towels.... Each side pipe can be 6" to 10" long, can customize


Constructed of ½” iron pipe made from unfinished fittings with a natural gunmetal color. Slight variations and imperfections are to be expected. Pipes are cleaned, prepped and have 2 coats of paint. Also includes screws in your chosen finish for installation


You are ordering by the size of each side piece, so if you order:


7" = total width is about 16.5"

8" = total width is about 18.5"

9" = total  width is about 20.5"

10" = total width is about 22.5"


Customized by you!  Please provide the following information, when checking out:

    * Finish for pipe (see options in listing pictures)


This product is finished in oil rubbed bronze (towels not included)


Can be done in different sizes, just ask. Make shorter and you can use as dual toilet paper holder


Each item is made by hand so no two items will ever be the same. As wood has knots and imperfections, I've left them because I think it gives character. Also, please note that all wood types stain differently, so your chosen color may not match the example 100%

Dual Towel Bar